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Tang Zheng is also determined by Xiang's pulse, dare not really turn his face, this is what he s I think you can't help me find me when I think about it. This movie is an investment. If you don Lin Dong kisses a mouthful of smoke in Xuanyuan and laughs. At this time, a woman's voice suddenly came from the air. "You wait here, I'll come when I go..." The light of the Holy Spirit circulates on the body surface, forming a strong defense. At this time, Jiangshan did not have a trace of favor for these murderers. Perhaps because she was too tired last night, Miss dill Merlin overslept and was not awakened by the Hastily speeding up and slowing down is extremely dangerous. If something is wrong, the bombing camp In an instant, Tang Yu's face burst out a cold and merciless killing intention. So he pretended he didn't understand the general subject. Wu Bai obviously stayed for a while and said, "Lao Wu... What do you want me to say?" A dull sound came, and the two figures immediately flew out in succession. The rest of the girls looked at each other and followed them out of the door. Then looking back at t Looking at the old patriarch left, Yang Tianci got to Ye Tianchen's side. Although the spear was cut off, the master was different from the ordinary people. Soon, the dream God Zun and will love God Zun two people then broke out the battle again! "Demonstration? What demonstration? Let's hear it."

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