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Although three people all wear bulletproof vests, but everyone knows that bulletproof vests are not "If you can't get it, you'll kill it." But after all, he was injured, especially by a warrior who was a half step master of martial arts. H Ye Qianwen took a look at the big man with a knife on his back, thought for a moment and said, "it&# He emerged from the chaos with a blow in the air. Lingyu blinked: "where is the difference?" If you are a fool and bold, congratulations. For you, magic is an illusion. You can't see it. An He Dong knew that once he got the move, there was absolutely no other good way unless he relied on h "Lao Liang, there are also bandits in the east of the city. Take the people to have a look." But the village is still a little flattered. The great ape King's strength is extremely strong, generally can suppress the dead breath, but n The reward given by the sanctuary is so amazing, how can I not? Linggu founder glared at Tang Yu and said. Su Lin Lang asked softly, "do you know herbal medicine?" Su Hao's phantom and Bai Feng confront each other. Then the sky broke through a dark hole, and a golden rainbow bridge extended from it to the top of t "Ah, dear Lord Youji! I know! You must be looking forward to it!" "Good" Zhang Xue smiles and gets off the car with his own file bag.

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