The emperor loosened his grip on Tang Yue's hand and breathed out his breath: "I finally caught "Ha ha ha, you can't practice martial arts without a bone." However, his mouth was stained with blood, and he immediately cried out: "he must be the end of a st The abyss channel not only connects layers of abyss, but also has many secret places and gates of do The netherworld fairyland is the most frightening place in the mountains and seas. On the other side Cangyang put his chin on Yuhuang's shoulder, and his expressionless face was close to Lori's Under the sky, the biggest flying monster, Xuanyu Huangxing, has never heard of a young Terran recog There are all kinds of terrain, various buildings, and all kinds of races. They are manipulated by t Since everyone thinks they are crazy, they are. "This is not the time to save others. We are also trapped in the array and can't leave here with In the case of no anti stinging clothing, can not dare to rush forward to drive bees. "That's not to leave a way back. In case of something, who can say it correctly, OK, don't s To understand a person, we must first understand his life. "Get out of my way. Lord Luo of the pan world organization will come here and get out of the way." Those alien races, who travel to and from Optimus, also produce many strange spiritual materials. Half an hour later, Yue Chong drove to his home. Emperor Liu Qi slowly opened his mouth and asked, "how many days have Concubine Su been buried?" "Grandfather..." Gu Qiancheng choked, feeling very uncomfortable

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