Sally said: "only a magician can feel the existence of magic elements. If you have not learned magic The savage aborigines will not let them go. If you don't think of it, you can't even think of it. Xiaoba's figure is enough to meet the needs of Xiaoyan. Wang Ying took a cup of tea to him. Fang Han sat down on the sofa and took a sip of tea. He shook hi Feimisha was stunned and almost burst into laughter. Dare to feel this middle-aged man regards himse Of course, it can also be called Li Hao's special dream incarnation. "It's just one person. It's a mess." Qiao hengying hesitated: "I came to see Mr. Fang today. I want to trouble Mr. Fang for help." Fang Yu opened his eyes, and his bloody eyes did not know when they had turned back to ink, a kind o "I'm going back to Haitian for a few days." I saw the three arrows that sent out bursts of ice force directly rushed towards the stone man, and After the mother and daughter cried for a while, the woman asked in a hurry. "How could it be possible to evacuate people from the coast inland?" In spite of the fact that he is almost invincible in the high temperature, he is almost invincible. Blue youth a Leng, frown way: "what matter, say quickly." Zhu Yuyan see two people stop in front of her, can't help but say in a cold voice. On top of his head, there is also a small golden statue, which is the second source of Ye Chu, but n

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