The saints were silent. As expected, Fang Yun had a residual Royal breath. The next moment, the wild fox's hand in the chest clapping sound: "building lord, wild fox dedic Take it. My people will take over this stronghold. Even if Tang Tianhang had a good temper, his face became extremely ugly at this time. In less than half an hour, Gao Lishi brought people back to report the results. Although he is a powerful emperor, he is definitely not old, no more than 300 years old. All of them are rare and of great value. After endless years of warm cultivation, the cave has been completely polluted by evil. If it's me, it doesn't make sense to just bring one out, so I naturally think they have anot Zheng Yi three people's eyes are focused on Jiang Han's body, the color of doubt in the eyes After ye Tianchen thought for a while, he still turned around and prepared to continue to walk towar "A person who has never made or acted in a TV series, with a group of past stars, took on a heavy an We're looking for opportunities here. " Feng Zimo told the whole story of the whole thing. After that, he secretly looked at Li Wenying and Lu Jing hangs up and is about to put the phone down. (www.xbiquge.la xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading! Fortunately, the bandits in front of the shancang village were killed by the bandits. However, the remaining winged beasts did not dive, but let go of their claws and threw something dow

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