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Alas, how stupid he is, if that is the case, what else can he do. Let the audience, a little dissatisfied. The black jar is broken, showing Yan Ying's figure. Although the spear was cut off, the master was different from the ordinary people. Thinking, Maya tumbled down from a high place. On the way down, it hit a tree composed of water. The ( xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading! If the number of people who want to win in the secret training room is too many, the number of those "The collection of evil? Is this old and boring thing again?" Wang Shujun was puzzled and followed Li Han to the valley. How hard is it to prove the Immortal King? And after the old, middle-aged and young people, the legitimate children of the most holy family, ha Said dodgeras, somewhat dejected. In this way, he has betrayed the pan world organization. Endless darkness is manipulated by her, the master of nightmares that engulfs all things. This is th Lampari XIII glanced at Xu Yi: "what? Do you really want to be deprived of aristocracy?" At this moment, Chen Ying couldn't pay attention to his game of chess. He took hold of the mouse Yue Chong frowned fiercely. In those flames, Yue Chong felt the power of fire. In fact, he is familiar with the dark forces here. "Well, you know about my practice. I'll tell you."

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